Tuesday, 31 January 2012

As is evident..

from what you see on this blog, I (heart) beads. Period. And due to this crazy love for all sorts of beads - glass, wooden, clay, terracotta, acrylic... I end up with a lot of stuff that I buy on an impulse without knowing how I am going to use them.

Two such big beads I had bought almost six months back saw the light of the day today. I decided it was about time I make something out of them. 

These are really big (approximately 1-1.5 inch wooden beads) and only one of each colour. So making an earring pair was out of question. Unless there was someone who could carry off a big brown earring in one ear and a bright red in another. :) Anyway, the point is that this was something that I have NEVER worked on. Totally out of my comfort zone. But I loved the way they have turned out. 

Here, take a look.

The BROWN one

Copper wire twisted to make a contrast on brown wound in a quirky pattern on the otherwise plain surface.

 A black string through the eyehole and you are done. 

A closer look... 

Now the RED one

a striking combination

Absolutely lightweight and can go on any casual outfit. Aren't they one of a kind. Do you like? 

Let me know if you are interested in buying these. 

I got a gift...

...long back. Only now did I get time to tell you guys about it. :(

{this post was lying in my drafts}

After I am done at my bead table, I am mostly happy with  the outcome of it all except for the messy bead table that I am left with. All strings entangled, beads trying to roll off to the floor, and of course my heavy pliers dangling from the table targeting my big toe.

No more. The very thoughtful Pallu gifted me this lovely jute basket (which by the way is called Pallu's topli in the Koyri family :P) to hold my beads, pliers, and everything on the bead table that needs disciplining. 

Isnt it cute? I love the green leaves on it.

holds all my beads

Thanks Pallu! this topli really helps me keep my sanity in check. :) 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Last night...

Cousin D who I wrote about earlier here, sent me a pic of all Koyri earrings she put up on her display rack. Made me soooooooooo happy to receive this.... :) 

And now that I take another look, her choice matches mine. I would have picked exactly these. :) 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dragonfly and butterfly

When not in a mood to make serious stuff, I end up making stuff like this. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

What kept me away from the blog

December kept me busy with weddings, birthdays and friends and relatives visiting from the US of A. Which basically translated into a lot of fun. I always feel morose when December is gone. 
Anyway, for Koyri, it meant a lot of bulk orders and time lines to follow. Cousin D, who said she wanted a few pairs of earrings for herself and some more for her friends, ended up taking more than a dozen.....I suspect she is going to keep all of them for herself   ;) .. I forgot to take pictures of her order but she did take the last little haathi pair that I had. 
Until next time, haathis :)

Then there was Pri's order that kept me busy all week before she flew. Here is a pic... the lot ready with thank you notes and pouches. 
for piyu and her friends :)
What a pity I could not give these to her in person. Would have loved to see her reaction when she opened each and every one. 

But then, this note that came through her, made up for it. :) Such things make my day!!

Thank you!

And the very first order I got was from Adi, who decided to gift her friends from my collection at her wedding. And she was the fastest chooser too. In less than 5 minutes she had picked 10 of them and had cute little 'weddingy' pouches ready to put them in. All I had to do was make tags.. So simple! :) 

with love, from A & G ;)

that was all about how koyri went places... .. More later...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Here they are...

pictures from the exhibition prep the day before:

the Boy cutting the handmade paper to make 'thank you' notes that went with each item.

A closer look.

cousin Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip fame who helped me write thank you notes. The stack of upcycled magazine pouches made for keeping the accessories before handing them over to the customer seen near the table below. 

These pouches look real pretty. I am soon going to do a quick tutorial on how to make them. :)

I realised my items were priced at Re.1 less than a round number. 99/-, 199/- etc. Last minute scurrying through piggy banks, bags and wallets saved face. The one rupee coins stacked in sets of ten before being carried to the venue. 

Ice cream gives helps you keep your cool and not panic while making last minute frantic preparations. That was Bavarian from Baskin Robbins btw, scraped till the last bite.
The day of the exhibition. All set to leave. Pretty picture, no?

Over to the venue... I started the day with this cute little table, two chairs, lots of hope for the day ahead and a bright smile on my face.

Setting up shop in progress. Dupattas came out of the wardrobe and were put to use.  :P

The last minute banner. Kept adoring it all day. I wish we had taken a few pics while interacting with people who stopped by but we forgot. Helping the ladies pick what they were looking for kept me busy and the Boy was engrossed in his book most of the time.

Once again a b.i.g. thank you to twistntales, for letting me use their space for my very first exhibition. I owe you one, J . :) 
And another b.i.g. thank you to all friends, friends of friends who dropped in and made my day. :)

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