Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Here they are...

pictures from the exhibition prep the day before:

the Boy cutting the handmade paper to make 'thank you' notes that went with each item.

A closer look.

cousin Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip fame who helped me write thank you notes. The stack of upcycled magazine pouches made for keeping the accessories before handing them over to the customer seen near the table below. 

These pouches look real pretty. I am soon going to do a quick tutorial on how to make them. :)

I realised my items were priced at Re.1 less than a round number. 99/-, 199/- etc. Last minute scurrying through piggy banks, bags and wallets saved face. The one rupee coins stacked in sets of ten before being carried to the venue. 

Ice cream gives helps you keep your cool and not panic while making last minute frantic preparations. That was Bavarian from Baskin Robbins btw, scraped till the last bite.
The day of the exhibition. All set to leave. Pretty picture, no?

Over to the venue... I started the day with this cute little table, two chairs, lots of hope for the day ahead and a bright smile on my face.

Setting up shop in progress. Dupattas came out of the wardrobe and were put to use.  :P

The last minute banner. Kept adoring it all day. I wish we had taken a few pics while interacting with people who stopped by but we forgot. Helping the ladies pick what they were looking for kept me busy and the Boy was engrossed in his book most of the time.

Once again a b.i.g. thank you to twistntales, for letting me use their space for my very first exhibition. I owe you one, J . :) 
And another b.i.g. thank you to all friends, friends of friends who dropped in and made my day. :)


Sonali said...

Hey, nice blog...wish u all the best .....

Unknown said...

hi i wish u a big success and bright u...........mummy

Kanchan said...

Wowieee .. me there :)
Waiting for the next exhibition :D

~G said...

@Sonali: Thanks a lot. Welcome to this blog and hope to see you around!

@Mummy: I love you too. A big hug is due when we meet next. :*

@Kanchan: Already? Phew! I will keep that in mind for the next one. :)

Titaxy said...

OH wow! just went through all the posts - very pretty, G. Congratulations and best wishes :)

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