Saturday, 21 January 2012

What kept me away from the blog

December kept me busy with weddings, birthdays and friends and relatives visiting from the US of A. Which basically translated into a lot of fun. I always feel morose when December is gone. 
Anyway, for Koyri, it meant a lot of bulk orders and time lines to follow. Cousin D, who said she wanted a few pairs of earrings for herself and some more for her friends, ended up taking more than a dozen.....I suspect she is going to keep all of them for herself   ;) .. I forgot to take pictures of her order but she did take the last little haathi pair that I had. 
Until next time, haathis :)

Then there was Pri's order that kept me busy all week before she flew. Here is a pic... the lot ready with thank you notes and pouches. 
for piyu and her friends :)
What a pity I could not give these to her in person. Would have loved to see her reaction when she opened each and every one. 

But then, this note that came through her, made up for it. :) Such things make my day!!

Thank you!

And the very first order I got was from Adi, who decided to gift her friends from my collection at her wedding. And she was the fastest chooser too. In less than 5 minutes she had picked 10 of them and had cute little 'weddingy' pouches ready to put them in. All I had to do was make tags.. So simple! :) 

with love, from A & G ;)

that was all about how koyri went places... .. More later...


Kanchan said...

Checked this Link today, and it looks totally awesome ! I'm so proud of you ! Keep it up !

this is just a start of a wonderful beginning .. keep going places :)

Gunjan said...

THANKYOU!!! :) For your support advice and encouragement all through!

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