Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Which is the best time to thank you? Now, maybe?

Few days before the Koyri website went live, I gave my sister a sneak peek and asked her to kind of proof read it for me. She told me the About page made her go "Awww". I smiled and told her that I really meant it.

I am not the kinds to wait for Friendship day to thanks to my friends. I do it spontaneously. And so do my friends. I am going to jot a few instances that make me feel lucky. It is not a big deal, some might say, but the fact that I am in their thoughts even when they are going about with their lives makes me feel so good. Isn't that a big thing!

I was at a friend's place for a ceremony and she introduced me to everyone with reference to Koyri. Amidst managing guests and serving food, she managed to find a necklace set I had made her and passed it around for all the ladies to see. The ceremony was supposed to be about her and not me but she had the whole group of women talking about my products and designs. I mean, who does that?? Thanks Medha! I regret choosing to wear my gold jewelry and not one of my creations that day. It would have caused you less trouble. :)

On a whim one day I put up my gtalk status as "wants decorative scissors". I think I had just seen some craft project online and had felt like having one. I had forgotten all about it the next day but a dear friend remembered and the next time she walked into a craft store, she got me one. So now the thank you notes you all receive will have patterned edges.

Then there is this other friend who was on her honeymoon in Europe recently when she met someone whose wife owned an artifact store in Germany. She comes back to tell me that she has struck a deal (!) with them for Koyri products to be displayed in their shop. Aditi, I owe you one.

Then there is Janaki from the twistntales book store in Aundh. Not only did she encourage me to hold an exhibition of my products, but she also gave me the space to do it. I walked into the store the other day and also saw my flier put up on their notice board. Something that I had forgotten, but tnt did not.

There are those who ping me with valuable marketing advice, those who take the extra effort to share my page among their friends, those who preserve cardboard boxes that I can use for shipping .... the list is long.... Thank you all. You are what keeps the passion in me alive.  :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Two movies and two neck-and-ear sets

The new pinterest addiction is bad. But I love it anyway. For those who don't know what pinterest is, here is a nice write up I found. Do read it and join Pinterest, I am sure you will love it too. With so many beautiful and colourful pictures out there it looks like a dream. Be it craft, home decor, books, wedding photographs I browse like crazy till my browser windows become difficult to manage. I am being so very choosy in picking what to pin onto my pinboards and as a result pinning nothing! I just want my pinboard to look the best yet uncluttered. :-/ Does that even make any sense? Well, never mind.

Yesterday I made some stuff while watching two good movies. First about the movies:  Inglourious Basterds and Bubblegum.While the first is full of violence and bloodbath, I found myself shutting my eyes out for most of the part, I still found it thought provoking. The second movie, exactly opposite, can be defined by just one word - cute. It reminds you of your formative years when you fought with your parents, threw tantrums and hated everyone about you. That phase of your life that you now (most probably) laugh about.
Another thing worth mentioning is that a deaf actor has been introduced in the movie Bubblegum for the first time in India. 

Now about the sets I made yesterday. My Mami (aunt) gave me this jute silk blouse of hers for a custom made set to go on her saree. I took out my beads and played around with combinations for a long time but I just wasn't convinced with the outcome of using glass beads on jute. It had to have an earthen look. I asked her if she would like wooden beads and she simply said "Do what you think will look good. I trust your choice" :) What can I say! I love such freedom. And here are the two sets I made. She will keep the one she likes. I am sure she will look stunning in it and IMO it will also complement her personality. 

1- Off-white center bead

2.- Black center bead.

So till the time my aunt makes the choice, you tell me which you'd like? Of course I can make one for you too. :) 

P.S. : In the whole Pinterest excitement, I ended up adding a "pin it" button to my blog posts. There look to the right bottom of this post. :) :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Why earrings??

Because a pair of lovely earrings is all it takes to light up a dull day. One of those days when even you just don’t feel like getting dressed. Even dabbing a few drops of moisturizer on your dry cheeks feels like an arduous task.

Or there are days when you are running short of time. When the hands of your clock are running  faster than expected. That is when that favourite-earring-that-goes-on-all-outfits comes to your rescue.

When your take out that beloved dress you bought years back and has now started to look worn out. But you still want to wear it. An earring in a matching colour that stands out is all it takes to change your mind from dumping that dress for good.

And oh, of course all of us love the attention that a stunning pair of earring grabs. When your colleague pays you a compliment that catches you by surprise or you notice that woman on the bus staring at your earrings. Doesn’t that make your day?

So for me it is a pair of earrings. Tell me, what is that one thing in your dresser that is your must-have fashion accessory?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The V-day flavour

Love me?
Love me not?
No problem! 
I can live with l.i.k.e.
please go like my page
Come on now
Be kind

See! My heart just did a barrel roll there ;)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Warli love

Warli is an art form practised by people belonging to tribes from Maharashtra and Gujarat. If you observe, the one striking feature of this art form is how the human figures are drawn using only geometrical shapes. 
Once at a bead shop, I saw these flat triangular beads strung in a long thread and sitting pretty on a table. I dont remember if there were more options in colour and why I picked blue, but I did and then dumped them in my bead basket until I found them recently. 

The first thing that clicked when I was trying out various combinations to make a good design out of these was that I could make earrings with the theme of geometrical figures. But out of sheer laziness, I did not feel like moving an inch to look for squares, rectangles and other possible geometrical shaped beads I had. Just then, a smooth round bead lying around caught my eye.  And that's how these warli figure earrings were born. :)

little men and women

an army of warli folks
Only the one with a yellow bead is available. The rest are sold / spoken for. :) I have to make another visit to the shop soon.

Friday, 10 February 2012

When the artist whines

I am tired, sleep deprived and puffy eyed. It was one of those weeks when I pushed my limits. The house is a mess. Newspapers from last week haven't been put away. The dhobi bag is overflowing.  And me, with whatever spare time I have, I am going overboard making jewelry, taking photographs, blogging, tweeting, facebook-ing, pinterest-ing, invoicing, writing out orders, packaging, billing... So much that I forget it is 3 in the morning and I have to sleep so that I turn up in office on time the next day. I do it because I love to, and it is getting addictive. I want to make more stuff, show it off and then make some more ... you get it? About time I do some activity management and allocate time and days for everything. Packing everything in a day gets unbearably tiring.

And that is not how I want it to be. Like I said earlier. It is very enjoyable while I am doing it but it saps all the enthusiasm out of me. This has to be done passionately. And with  I wish the day had a few more hours and I had an extra pair of hands. That said, the workshop at Koyri will be closed for a few days. Until I come back rejuvenated. Until I have sorted the mess at home.

So what if my work has stopped, the shop is still open for you lovelies. I have a few posts lined up so keep dropping by. Browse through  older posts, check out my facebook page - the albums , wall photos ...that is where you will get constant updates with latest pictures of my handmade jewelry and all the information you need. So let me know what you like and it will be yours. - provided it is still available.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

For the good girl

These grey glass bead earrings paired with a black bead make have a very sincere look to them. Nothing fancy-shmancy about it, this one looks very businesslike and sober to me. Hence the title. Meant for the good girl. :)

But don't underestimate the bead. Even though it is a stead grey colour, observe closely and you will be able to spot light streaks in a darker shade on it. A really elegant piece to own and can go on office formals most of the times.

Let me know in case you would like to have these...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

So very Indian

Don't you think the red and golden combination has something festive and bling-y to it... When I bought these red drop shaped glass beads, I knew they were going to turn out different. My sister who was with me when we picked these mentioned that the beads by themselves looked very ordinary. I wanted to do something different with these. 

I recently opened the packet containing these I realised that the red was very Xmas-red (Is that even a term?!)  But I also noticed that they had a different shine to them. So I decided to give them a traditional look.

With a cluster of shiny yellow seed beads that the bead shop owner calls ghugroo. 

This pair is a personal favourite that gives my otherwise plain looking salwar kameez an instant makeover...  :)

(These are about an inch long, made from glass beads and wire. Place your order now!)

So tell me, which is that outfit in your wardrobe that you would you wear these on??

Monday, 6 February 2012

Show face than hide

I started the Koyri page few months back without letting people know it was my page. Not on purpose, it just happened because I did not know how to set myself as the page owner until I figured recently and did that. 
Well, looks like it is better received now. 

Although it doesn't change many things, I think people can relate a page with a face better than one that seems disowned. I got messages from friends who were surprised to know that Koyri was me. And I also got messages from those who aren't friends praising my designs! All in all it made me happy and that grin on my facebook profile pic just got wider. :D

Err, another thing that I noticed.  There was one less like as soon as I linked my profile to the page so that also tells a lot....Hehe..  Thank you, unliker, I know who you are and I don't mind. :) 

Have a nice day peeps, more designs of earrings and neckpieces coming up for your eyes only!! :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pièce de résistance ~ January

Turns out the hit of the month gone by was the wire wrapped bead earrings. And they are here to stay because the orders for these ones are pouring in.

The bright orange with the silver wire wrapped around it made a very perky and vibrant pair. And its staid cousin, the violet bead wrapped in copper wire called for a composed and quiet occasion.

for a fun evening with friends

and to a dinner date perhaps? ;)

Although a January feature, these are going to keep me occupied for quite some more time now. Let me know if you too would like to have one..

Saturday, 4 February 2012

V for Versatile

These are for that one fabindia kurta we all have. The one that passes off as ethnic or traditional at your friend's housewarming ceremony and as casual wear to be worn to work. With a thin zari border around the collar and bright block prints all over - you know what I am talking about right? :)

The first one is a combination of peacock blue and red beads used with a rusty golden disc shaped bead. I love the rusty look of that focal bead, do you?

where i think i am a pro photographer :P

a closer look

The second one is the same design with a different combination. parrot green with red. 

takes my breath away!

Want to make these your own? Email me at and we will get talking.  :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Let's talk (no pictures)

Instead of bombarding you steadily with pictures of my newest creations and boring you with details of the type of bead and wire used, today I am going to write something. 

When I took this accessory making hobby to the next level, which is showing it to people outside my circle of family and friends, I was overwhelmed by the appreciation and praises I received. At one point I started wondering if people are just being polite or is my work really that great? The cynic in me still smells something fishy when good words of encouragement cross the limit. I cannot distinguish between sweet talk and genuine appreciation. So when well wishers jokingly (and some in all seriousness) suggest that I should take this up full time and expand, it makes me wonder if I will then succeed in putting my creativity to test and be able to come up with original designs and patterns. Will I be able to arrive at combinations of colours and patterns that easily as I am now able to? Or will it be a more theoretical or repetitive thing that comes with practice? 

Well the thought remains a thought because I at any point prefer not to be creative and work under the gun at the same time. The pressure of a deadline or success margin is too much to handle! 

But I would like to know what you think? Will you people be able to let the expressive side of your imagination thrive under pressure? If yes, how does that work? How do you manage the two?

black and white

the all time favourite combination. We all have at least one outfit in this combination, don't we?

The carved snowflake-ish design on the pendant looks unique, doesn't it? String it in a silver chain or tie it up in a black leather cord, this one will sure stand out. 

Add caption

in perspective

Let me know if you are interested in buying.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

the greens in my house

put to alternate use. As props for photographing jewelry, I am not sure which compliments the other. :)

The pink daisy earring like I call it. Made from pink faceted glass beads as focals and pearly whites to accent them. Let me know if you like them. :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sometimes, unkempt is good

especially when it is a messy collection of twigs. Let's assume this one is a house wren's nest, known to be messy.  The bird was very eager to finish this house for its little ones and hence hurried with whatever it could find. :) Just that it is a house wren that lays silvery grey eggs. :P

nest love

Made with a combination of two colours of wire with oval steel gray beads used as eggs. This can be used as a pendant. Earrings, if you wish can be made with the beads used for the eggs. 

To give an idea of the size, here is another picture:

in perspective
Let me know if you are interested in buying this one. 

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