Sunday, 26 February 2012

Two movies and two neck-and-ear sets

The new pinterest addiction is bad. But I love it anyway. For those who don't know what pinterest is, here is a nice write up I found. Do read it and join Pinterest, I am sure you will love it too. With so many beautiful and colourful pictures out there it looks like a dream. Be it craft, home decor, books, wedding photographs I browse like crazy till my browser windows become difficult to manage. I am being so very choosy in picking what to pin onto my pinboards and as a result pinning nothing! I just want my pinboard to look the best yet uncluttered. :-/ Does that even make any sense? Well, never mind.

Yesterday I made some stuff while watching two good movies. First about the movies:  Inglourious Basterds and Bubblegum.While the first is full of violence and bloodbath, I found myself shutting my eyes out for most of the part, I still found it thought provoking. The second movie, exactly opposite, can be defined by just one word - cute. It reminds you of your formative years when you fought with your parents, threw tantrums and hated everyone about you. That phase of your life that you now (most probably) laugh about.
Another thing worth mentioning is that a deaf actor has been introduced in the movie Bubblegum for the first time in India. 

Now about the sets I made yesterday. My Mami (aunt) gave me this jute silk blouse of hers for a custom made set to go on her saree. I took out my beads and played around with combinations for a long time but I just wasn't convinced with the outcome of using glass beads on jute. It had to have an earthen look. I asked her if she would like wooden beads and she simply said "Do what you think will look good. I trust your choice" :) What can I say! I love such freedom. And here are the two sets I made. She will keep the one she likes. I am sure she will look stunning in it and IMO it will also complement her personality. 

1- Off-white center bead

2.- Black center bead.

So till the time my aunt makes the choice, you tell me which you'd like? Of course I can make one for you too. :) 

P.S. : In the whole Pinterest excitement, I ended up adding a "pin it" button to my blog posts. There look to the right bottom of this post. :) :)


Varsh said...

First the movies...yes Brad Pitt raised his acting level on my scale up few points in it and the movie as a whole is a must watch!! Although the violence did make me shudder too. Haven't seen Bubblegum yet...I think I should soon :)
Pinterest window is open on the other side and I'll probably become a fan too!!
And finally your creations...both of them look great! I somehow always prefer such wooden pieces over glass beads. They stand out on any garment.Have one such similar piece myself! :)

Gunjan said...

Yes me too. I dont know what it is about wooden beads but I love em too!! :)

Kanchan said...

Looks awesome ..Loved these wooden type new beads .. so lets check Mami next time with these :)

Gunjan said...

@Kanchan: Thanks!! :) Wooden beads seem to be a big hit.

Swaram said...

Luvv them!:)

Gunjan said...

Thanks @Swaram! :)

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