Sunday, 12 February 2012

Warli love

Warli is an art form practised by people belonging to tribes from Maharashtra and Gujarat. If you observe, the one striking feature of this art form is how the human figures are drawn using only geometrical shapes. 
Once at a bead shop, I saw these flat triangular beads strung in a long thread and sitting pretty on a table. I dont remember if there were more options in colour and why I picked blue, but I did and then dumped them in my bead basket until I found them recently. 

The first thing that clicked when I was trying out various combinations to make a good design out of these was that I could make earrings with the theme of geometrical figures. But out of sheer laziness, I did not feel like moving an inch to look for squares, rectangles and other possible geometrical shaped beads I had. Just then, a smooth round bead lying around caught my eye.  And that's how these warli figure earrings were born. :)

little men and women

an army of warli folks
Only the one with a yellow bead is available. The rest are sold / spoken for. :) I have to make another visit to the shop soon.

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