Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Which is the best time to thank you? Now, maybe?

Few days before the Koyri website went live, I gave my sister a sneak peek and asked her to kind of proof read it for me. She told me the About page made her go "Awww". I smiled and told her that I really meant it.

I am not the kinds to wait for Friendship day to thanks to my friends. I do it spontaneously. And so do my friends. I am going to jot a few instances that make me feel lucky. It is not a big deal, some might say, but the fact that I am in their thoughts even when they are going about with their lives makes me feel so good. Isn't that a big thing!

I was at a friend's place for a ceremony and she introduced me to everyone with reference to Koyri. Amidst managing guests and serving food, she managed to find a necklace set I had made her and passed it around for all the ladies to see. The ceremony was supposed to be about her and not me but she had the whole group of women talking about my products and designs. I mean, who does that?? Thanks Medha! I regret choosing to wear my gold jewelry and not one of my creations that day. It would have caused you less trouble. :)

On a whim one day I put up my gtalk status as "wants decorative scissors". I think I had just seen some craft project online and had felt like having one. I had forgotten all about it the next day but a dear friend remembered and the next time she walked into a craft store, she got me one. So now the thank you notes you all receive will have patterned edges.

Then there is this other friend who was on her honeymoon in Europe recently when she met someone whose wife owned an artifact store in Germany. She comes back to tell me that she has struck a deal (!) with them for Koyri products to be displayed in their shop. Aditi, I owe you one.

Then there is Janaki from the twistntales book store in Aundh. Not only did she encourage me to hold an exhibition of my products, but she also gave me the space to do it. I walked into the store the other day and also saw my flier put up on their notice board. Something that I had forgotten, but tnt did not.

There are those who ping me with valuable marketing advice, those who take the extra effort to share my page among their friends, those who preserve cardboard boxes that I can use for shipping .... the list is long.... Thank you all. You are what keeps the passion in me alive.  :)


Varsh said...

That was very courteous of you. It is the people who encourage you and stand by you that matter the most in the long run and deserve to be told that their efforts are very well received and cherished. :)

simplypallu said...

This post me go "Awww!" too :) Love ya, girly, for your sheer talent, enthusiasm and the infectious joy that you spread by just being you!

Revathi said...

berrrryyy berrrryyyy sweet!! we all do it coz we louuuve u Gunjan! :D :D

Revathi said...

berrrryyyy berrrrryyyyy sweet!! we all do what we do coz we all LOUUVVVEEE u gunjan! :D

Obsessivemom said...

That was the sweetest post ever.. good to remember people who've been good to you. Great idea, actually

Gunjan said...

@Varsh: Absolutely! That was the intention. I did not want to forget the small things nor take them for granted.

@Pallu: Love you too! :) Thanks for SUCH nice words.

@Reva and @Reva: I know I know. What would I do without you girl!! ;) Thanks much. Makes my day!

@OM: Yes, lovely people all. I am so lucky! :)

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