Saturday, 28 April 2012

The teapot and my plants

The title and the photos are just an excuse to show you my new designs ;)  Two props that I was playing around with.....

First goes teapot.



India meets Egypt

Now from my garden...




How do you like em pics? Now you know how I spend my Saturday afternoons.  :)

P.S.: Email me at or leave a comment for prices. 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A follow up post to the earlier one

Hello everyone. How've you been? Exactly two days after I challenged myself to take up the humungous  (IMO) task, I fell ill. A month and a half of hearing words like hospital, medicines, bed rest, pain etc. I have bounced back (I hope) to normalcy.
Obviously, the exhibition went for a toss. I called the organisers and told them to give my table to someone else. I felt really bad doing so because I really wanted to see how I would fare.
Anyway, I should stop whining and be grateful I am back on my feet. And I am back at my beading desk though I am taking things easy. 

Few pictures from the new collection: 

Button Flower


More pictures up on in the New Arrivals section

P.S.: OM: Sorry I couldnt reply to your comment but it made me feel good that someone misses me on this blog. :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My mother... talented. Period. I told her I wanted to have something like an over the door organiser (something like this) to hold my loose beads. She often visits the market in Dadar, Mumbai and I wanted her to look out for something similar. 

[This post is cross posted from the other blog]

And in a months time, this is what I get. Handmade. By my mother. Using her old cotton saree that I love. Take a look.

Palm sized compartments to access the beads easily. 

18 compartments or 36? ;)  check again!

And that is only half of my stock sorted and arranged. 

It has doors!!! Doors, can you believe it! They can be tied together to close the organiser when not in use. :)  Sunday was spent tying and untying the knots, fussing over where to put it up, taking pictures, organising beads...

Man,  I feel like a little girl with a doll house. :)

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