Thursday, 26 April 2012

A follow up post to the earlier one

Hello everyone. How've you been? Exactly two days after I challenged myself to take up the humungous  (IMO) task, I fell ill. A month and a half of hearing words like hospital, medicines, bed rest, pain etc. I have bounced back (I hope) to normalcy.
Obviously, the exhibition went for a toss. I called the organisers and told them to give my table to someone else. I felt really bad doing so because I really wanted to see how I would fare.
Anyway, I should stop whining and be grateful I am back on my feet. And I am back at my beading desk though I am taking things easy. 

Few pictures from the new collection: 

Button Flower


More pictures up on in the New Arrivals section

P.S.: OM: Sorry I couldnt reply to your comment but it made me feel good that someone misses me on this blog. :)


Pallavi Sharma said...

Hey we all missed you. Some of us didn't whine :P ;) Sorry, that was a bad joke. Love the fact that you are back. Welcome! Love ya!

Kanchan said...

yay !! you are back .. expecting many more posts with snaps now :)

Swaram said...

Soo happy to c u bk - not only for the fab collection btw :P

Luvvvv the button flower :)

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