Friday, 11 May 2012

B for buttons

I am slowly turning into my mother, in a good way of course ;) I fold away plastic bags neatly by the corners making small squares, keep them under a heavy book or the bedding and after they flatten out, I keep them in the car and other places where they can be re-used. I don’t just crumple them into a ball and ignore them anymore.
When I recently unpacked a crockery set I had received long back, I quickly stored away the small boxes that carried spoons and forks. Of course to use them for sending my stuff across you all. :) 
I still remember during school days, when we were assigned fun projects to make charts, wall hangings, mini science projects- never did my mother once go out and buy items for it. Everything from old wedding invites to ice-cream candy sticks was found at home. Somehow she always knew how to  put it to use. And the same re-use recycle bug seems to have bit me.

I had a brainwave one day of making earrings out of buttons. Since my mom is an amazing seamstress I knew she would have good stock of colourful buttons. I called her and told her to bring them when she came to my house next.

She arrived a few days back and handed over the big Nivea box – when Nivea was sold in blue tin boxes where you opened the foil carefully before dipping your finger in the cold cream- remember? I was seeing that box after years!! It was more like a box of memories than buttons. The Orange button from a frock that was half stitched for some reason. A metallic brown button from a denim skirt, potli buttons from a chikan blouse that my sister and I fought over. :)

I went back to those years when Mom would be at her sewing machine till late in the night after coming back from work for special occasions in school when we were excused from wearing uniforms for a day. I could even smell the Singer oil my mother used to oil her Usha sewing machine before using it after a long break. Such sweet memories, I tell you. I really have to learn to stitch and sew. What a shame that neither of us sisters do!!

Well here is what I made from my favourite buttons from the lot. 

So if you have buttons- here is how you can reuse them. Send them to me and I can make something for you. Let’s re-use smartly and fashionably as much as we can!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

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