Friday, 29 June 2012


In view of reducing clutter on my bead table without having to spend money to buy more storage boxes, here is my attempt at reusing boxes into a vertical folding box with compartments. :) 
It was just a matter of cut and paste and I completed this in a span of fifteen -twenty minutes.... one episode of The Big Bang theory to be precise. Initially planned on embellishing it with fancy paper and sequins but I ran out of patience and couldn't wait to dump my assorted beads in it. 
So the decoration will have to wait for another day when we sit back and watch reruns of another sitcom. :) 

I had been hoarding the shoebox for a long time but did not put it to use. Mainly because beads are hard to find if they are just dumped into a box that big and searching for a certain bead for too long takes away all the enthusiasm of creating something. The smaller identical Choco lava boxes had been stored and then collectively handed over by thoughtful friend for shipping my jewelry in it. Unfortunately the boxes she gave clearly outnumbered the number of orders I get and hence I thought I will put some of them to better use. :)

Here are pictures:

Beaducation: The Blog: {HOW TO} Choose the Right Chain Length

Beaducation: The Blog: {HOW TO} Choose the Right Chain Length: You've worked hard on creating the perfect pendant, now it's time to show it off as a necklace. What size chain should you choose? ...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tree of Life

I came across the concept of the Tree of Life a few days back and wanted to paint it on one of my glass bottles. Or on a tee shirt. As I googled for an image for inspiration and reference, I saw that the tree of life pendant was very famous not only among the artsy crafty people but it was also very famous in the bead-world already. There were so many pendants on etsy itself. What I thought was a brilliant idea wasn't something very new. I have gotten on the bus real late. But hey, I reused an old wooden bangle as my frame. That's new! :P

When I completed making it and showed it to the Boy excitedly ('cos I was happy with my result), he gave me the "Huh?" look. He flipped it over, turned it upside down, observed it from all possible angles and still couldn't figure what it was. :( What a dampener to my spirits!

And that's when I thought I should ask you all if it even looked remotely like a tree, let alone Tree of Life. So thanks to those who guessed it right, you instilled my confidence. :D 
Noor, babe, you get 10/10. :)

Now I am wondering if this should go up on one of my walls or on my desk or on the door knob or on the bookshelf.. Hmm. Let's see. I'll put up a picture once I have made up my mind.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Time for a quiz

What does this look like to you? What is it that I have tried making here? 

Nesting instincts

Three hours at the bead table with cups of hot steaming coffee, good music and rains keeping company- here is what the Sunday had me doing.  

Grey-brown eggs in a silver nest

The bird that makes a golden nest lays green eggs :D
Group photo
Dark red glass beads wrapped in silver wire.

I can't decide whether I like the messy bird nest that I had made earlier better or the ones above. What about you?

By the way, these were made without using pliers with the exception of just cutters to snip the wire in the end. Rest of it is genuinely 'handmade' in the real sense of the word. Or hand twisted so to say. Yes, I've g sore fingertips that hurt a little as I type :( But next time I shall hopefully not complain about them and show them off proudly like a hard working skilled craftsmen. :) 

There is something about a bird nest that looks cozy and warm. Don't you think? :) Just string it in a wire or any chain and use it as a pendant. Or lock it in your keychain clasp. Or just hang it up on a softboard at your study table. I think these will also make cute gifts for a baby shower. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

A long weekend

The Palkhi, a tradition followed in Maharashtra, passed through Pune last week. And since the city is filled with warkaris and their dindis, our office declared a holiday on Friday. A long weekend when you are swamped neck-deep in work is more than welcome, isn't it?
Friday was spent at the movies watching "Madagascar III" and "Ferrari ki Sawari" back to back. Both movies are recommended by me, first one 'cos I am a sucker for animation movies and the second one 'cos it is a sweet movie (if you can ignore some of the typical Bollywood cliches)
So just as we came home from the movies guilt of not having used my extra holiday for Koyri started setting in. And trust me, guilt does wonders. Rest of the weekend was spent at my bead table- tidying it up, sorting the beads, packing and storing away finished products. And of course, making new products. This time I did a few neck pieces. Let me know how you like them. 

More of pink and less of blue

More of blue and less of pink

browns.. subtle yet making a statement.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I had to chronicle this

My first very interview as an entrepreneur. Sounds so fancy, doesn't it? I was approached by a nice lady from SupportBiz saying she would like to feature Koyri on their website. And that's how this came along...

:) :) I am all smiles and grins today. :D

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