Friday, 29 June 2012


In view of reducing clutter on my bead table without having to spend money to buy more storage boxes, here is my attempt at reusing boxes into a vertical folding box with compartments. :) 
It was just a matter of cut and paste and I completed this in a span of fifteen -twenty minutes.... one episode of The Big Bang theory to be precise. Initially planned on embellishing it with fancy paper and sequins but I ran out of patience and couldn't wait to dump my assorted beads in it. 
So the decoration will have to wait for another day when we sit back and watch reruns of another sitcom. :) 

I had been hoarding the shoebox for a long time but did not put it to use. Mainly because beads are hard to find if they are just dumped into a box that big and searching for a certain bead for too long takes away all the enthusiasm of creating something. The smaller identical Choco lava boxes had been stored and then collectively handed over by thoughtful friend for shipping my jewelry in it. Unfortunately the boxes she gave clearly outnumbered the number of orders I get and hence I thought I will put some of them to better use. :)

Here are pictures:


scribby said...

you are one creative lady I've ever known...I would like to make it sometime...I'll disturb you then :)

BTW let's chat sometime

Pallavi Sharma said...

Brilliant idea, G!
Curious, though: do they bear the weight of the beads well?
A tip: If you store really tiny beads, they could get stuck in the paper folds of the choco-lava-cake boxes. You could paste a piece of paper at the bottom to avoid the pain of getting them out.

Jay Singh said...

Ahhh.....the sweet smell of creativity....that was literally 'out of box' thinking....:)

Keep posting Gunjan :)

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