Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tree of Life

I came across the concept of the Tree of Life a few days back and wanted to paint it on one of my glass bottles. Or on a tee shirt. As I googled for an image for inspiration and reference, I saw that the tree of life pendant was very famous not only among the artsy crafty people but it was also very famous in the bead-world already. There were so many pendants on etsy itself. What I thought was a brilliant idea wasn't something very new. I have gotten on the bus real late. But hey, I reused an old wooden bangle as my frame. That's new! :P

When I completed making it and showed it to the Boy excitedly ('cos I was happy with my result), he gave me the "Huh?" look. He flipped it over, turned it upside down, observed it from all possible angles and still couldn't figure what it was. :( What a dampener to my spirits!

And that's when I thought I should ask you all if it even looked remotely like a tree, let alone Tree of Life. So thanks to those who guessed it right, you instilled my confidence. :D 
Noor, babe, you get 10/10. :)

Now I am wondering if this should go up on one of my walls or on my desk or on the door knob or on the bookshelf.. Hmm. Let's see. I'll put up a picture once I have made up my mind.

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