Saturday, 18 August 2012

What do you do when... find yourself wide awake before 7 am on a Saturday morning. Usually I'd go for a swim or walk, but this morning I felt too lazy to get out of the house. Between making myself coffee and seeing the bulbul's activity I glanced at my messy bead table. It was so messy and cluttered that there was no visible work area left on the table. "That always happens when I make stuff" I thought. So no amount of clearing would make it better 'cos it would end up getting cluttered all over again. But then, who was I kidding. The beads, the wire, the strings.. everything almost begged to be organised and put in their designated places. 


So I put my cuppa on the window pane and got started. There were so many boxes in all shapes and sizes holding multiple beads that I had kind of lost track of how much stock I had. And then there were so many trays and lids and saucers held hooks, pendants, small wires that had entangled so bad that sorting them was a test to my patience. Wonder why I hoarded so many things just 'cos they *might* be of use someday. I decided that if they weren't of any use in the last six months, they were never ever going to be. Phew! Anyway, I succeeded. After three hours of arranging and organising  (and after reheating the forgotten coffee twice) the stuff this is how my table finally looked.

There is so much space and it feels so fresh! I cannot wait to get started on my designs now. And look the top shelf is entirely empty. 

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