Thursday, 4 July 2013

An unexpected holiday put to good use

Yesterday was a holiday here in Pune due to the Palkhi procession. I love such mid week holidays. I find them more relaxing than weekends on which I am usually tied down with social calls or some personal pending work that have been put off for long.
I spent a good amount of time yesterday dealing with matters related to Koyri. I met people, spoke to prospective business contacts and generally ended the day with a good feeling.
While I was at my bead table (which is now a hypothetical thing since it has been hijacked by my mom and her sewing machine) I made these dragonflies.
More combinations in the offing. What would you like to see/use them as? Key chains, pendants, mobile danglers, fridge magnets?  Anything else that crosses your mind?

I know the image looks very dull (reasons: low lighting and bad phone camera) but those dragonflies have turned out really pretty.


Swaram said...

Magnets or use them just like that in my balcony which houses a little garden, may be with double-sided sticker? :)

Gunjan said...

Wow! Garden accessory is such a swell idea Swaram. :) Thanks.

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