Thursday, 22 August 2013

We won!

Showing off the Finalist Badge we won at Itsy Bitsy’s All That Glitters Challenge. Here is the link to our entry in case you missed it then.

Monday, 12 August 2013

New addition- Welcome Aparna

I was introduced to Aparna as the girl who makes lovely chocolates. Later I heard that this girl was also expecting her first baby around the time I was expecting mine. When we started sharing our pregnancy related and now baby caretaking /parenting experiences, I found out that her artistic skills don’t just end with her yummy chocolates- she is really very good at paper art and craft too! We shared our ideas and she showed interest in making jewelry. I’m glad to share with you all that from now on she is part of Team Koyri :)

Here is what Aparna has to say:

A tech writer by profession and a mom to a super-active 1 year old, guess how much free time I get :)But even then I needed something that would give me a break from my routine. And for someone who likes matching accessories with everything, what better hobby than make jewelry herself. Quilling happened by chance.. I saw my colleagues play with it, attended a few workshops and today here I am….

And I will leave you to drool over pictures of beautiful paper quilling earrings made by her.

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