Saturday, 13 September 2014

Copper wire earcuffs

There was a discussion going on in one of the jewelry making forums on which wire/metal you like to work most on. My answer undoubtedly was copper.
I love how it shines when hammered and the fact that it is not overly soft like aluminium nor tough like brass makes it a wonder to work with.
Pictures of some copper earcuffs I recently made.

Tell me how you like them.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A DIY Sunday

My weekend DIY projects have finally taken off. From only making notes and trying to fit in time for these small projects that I have been wanting to do around the house, I have finally ticked started ticking them off the list. Big win!

After Saturday's day long Jewelry Making Workshop, there was no way I was going to touch my pliers again on a Sunday. So out came the paints and brushes. I laid down newspapers in my terrace - my favourite working space in the house and got started.

The coffee/tea stained coasters were something I had wanted to replace for a long time. And being obsessive about reusing something to the maximum before throwing it, I decided to paint them. The plan was to paint them with random flowers and such but the Boy suggested writing quotes. I liked the idea and promptly gave the task of finding small quotes (that will fit in the coasters).

Here is the step by step process:

1) Clean the coasters and wipe them dry
2) Use acrylic colours to give a base coat of paint. I used brown cos the tea and coffee stains had become more or less permanent and would show from any light colour.
3) Leave them to dry for 1-2 hours
4) Finalise on the quotes and decide how you are going to space the words on each of them.
5) Take a toothpick (or the other end of an agarbatti) and get going. You'll have to dip it more often than you can imagine and it will stop being fun after a while. But dont give up, you will feel great once the project is over.
6) Let it dry for another hour.
7) Transparent nailpolish came to my rescue as a sealant. Apply 2-3 layers and again leave it to dry for 15-20 mins. If you are lucky to have varnish, try using that as a sealant. I was tempted to go buy varnish but wanted to complete the project without buying anything new. So I made do with whatever stuff I already had at home.

8) Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit in favourite corner of the house and sip away. And of course, use your favourite coaster to set the cup on. :)

Here are a few pictures. Yes just a few because it was getting risky with the phone, paint and a very curious toddler in my lap. :)




Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jewelry Workshop details are up!

Hello all lovely people out there,

I am conducting workshops on Jewelry Making this month. For all those who have been asking here are the details:

Basic jewelry making workshop - You learn to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets in attractive patterns. You also learn to use tools to make your own designs. You get  access to all the supplies and you get to take what you make.
Wire jewelry workshop - You learn to twist wire to make various exquisite designs. You get to learn to make the perfect coils, spirals, whorls, kolams and a lot more wire jewelry patterns. You also get to take what you make.

Here is the schedule:
1. Basic Jewelry Making Workshop
Date: 9th Aug 2014
Time: 10am - 1pm
2. Wire Jewelry (Advanced) Workshop
Date: 9th Aug 2014
Time: 3pm - 6pm
3. Basic Jewelry Making Workshop
Date: 23rd Aug 2014
Time: 10am - 1pm
4. Wire Jewelry (Advanced)Workshop
Date: 23rd Aug 2014
Time: 3pm - 6pm

The workshops will involve hands-on practice. All necessary supplies and refreshments will be provided. 

Please send your inquiries to for more details.

Have a great day! Thanks! 


Monday, 21 July 2014

Copper wire earrings

Twisted copper wire spirals secured on top of one another. Custom order for a friend. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Why I Love to make Metal Jewelry

Firstly because it is Addictive and a whole lot of fun. And a lot more fuel for creativity than other forms of jewelry making that I have tried. With metal, it is a whole world of possibilities ahead of me. I take a wire and twist it and turn it and coil it. Do whatever comes to my mind. And the types of designs one can make is endless.

The only challenge is while making earrings. i.e. creating a piece identical to the one that has already been created. It involves a great deal of patience and concentration. One blow of hammer delivered harder than the other and you have to start from the beginning. But the end result is satisfying. 

Time for pictures of the brass (and a little copper) earrings I recently made:

How are they? Which ones do you like the most? Tell me so that I can bring better designs to you. Thanks :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Banners and signage for handmade jewelry exhibitions

Every time there is an exhibition or a craft show coming up, my mind races with thoughts on how I can put up a good display with the resources that I have handy. I have a particular disdain for the typical metal stands and plastic boxes that seem the be the norm these days. I my opinion they looks very impersonal. And being a starving artist and all that I cannot even afford to spend crazy amount of money on the fancy parrot cages and mannequins. And my constant quest to achieve a --- between innovative and inexpensive ideas does not stop at jewelry display ideas. It extends to displaying the name of my brand. I hate flex boards, so that is out. And most banners and streamers I have made from chart papers using crayons and sketch pens usually seem to fade away in the bling and bright lights around at a craft show.

These are the things I have made and used in the past…. 

This time I went and got these rolled up black boards…. they served as perfect banners for my stall,.. Not only that- I could rewrite something new or draw newer designs everyday!! 
Trust me, I am hooked on to these and not letting them go for a long time.. :)

So who all agree that handmade=awesome \m/ ??

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Buying online made simple = Good News!

If you have shopped with me before you know how cumbersome it is to make that third party transfer to my bank account. Or how boring it is to get to the bank and deposit the cheque. Shopping was supposed to be exciting not boring. So here is some good news for you all. You can now shop at the click of the mouse.

All the available stuff will be posted in the album “Handmade Accessories for Sale” and all you have to do is click on the link alongside each picture. That’s it!! 

For those of you who prefer to stay away from facebook, no worries. You can still browse through the album since it is public and open for all to see. Or visit my site to see pictures of all items on sale. 
Just remember the code and click on the link alongside. Viola! That piece of accessory you have been eyeing for long is now yours in no time. 


Monday, 28 April 2014

More jewelry display ideas

These are the displays I used for the weekend flea market I was part of at Koregaon Park Pune. 

This is an old idea of re-purposing a photo frame into a earring or bracelet display for exhibitions and craft shows. But in my case, the metal frame also held my dragonfly and butterfly fridge magnets and it looked very cheery and colourful. Wish I had taken a pic after the items were up. Sadly I was too busy attending customers. 

I simply tied a rope from one end of the gazebo to the other and hung my sets and earrings on them. If you look closely I've used wooden clothespins to hold the earring cards. So a yay for putting to use those nice clothespins I bought from Venus lately.

Another perspective.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Handmade Jewelry on sale!

Some of you pinged, messaged, emailed asking if I had anything planned for an online sale. Thank you people, it felt good knowing that people were actually thinking of me in my absence. The exhibitions and the workshops and continuous stream of custom orders kept me busy whole of the first quarter of this year. But there were some pieces that I set aside for those who would not be able to make it to my exhibitions. You have been asking me to put up a catalog of available items. I wish there was a software that made my catalog-making job easier. If there is, please tell me!!! Or if this stuff can be outsourced and you know anyone willing to do it for me, please contact me. 
Anyway, for now I have painstakingly completed the task of taking pictures, copying them on my laptop, re-sizing and cropping them, waiting patiently while they are getting added to the album, pricing the pieces, marking a code against each of them and writing a description so that you all know what you are buying. PHEW!! 
Sab kuch bas tumhare liye! :)

The items now on sale can be seen here: Handmade jewelry on sale
Write to me on for any inquiries.
Please appreciate the hard work, like the pictures, comment on the designs and if it is not too much to ask for, please share my album to friends who like handmade jewelry. 

Thanks once again. :)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Natural Terracotta beads and why I wont paint them.

As soon as I brought my terracotta beads home, I fell in love with them. The box carried the fragrance of the wet earth. It still does. I find myself opening the box now and then and then filling my lungs with the lovely fragrance. The feel of cool mud on my hands was amazing. I sat down with my set of colors to paint the beads. As I readied the bead and dipped the brush in the paint, in an instant I felt something stopping me for doing it. I could not bring myself to paint the beads. I stopped right there and decided I should give the original beads a chance. And I am glad I did that. When paired with Earth and natural colours, the terracotta beads seem to come alive.. I don’t think any level of finesse in coloring those earth colour beads would do them justice.

And no, the mud doesn’t soil your clothes as you think it would. That is what I am being asked the most. The only precautionary measure I think you should take is to prevent them from direct contact with water. So put your worries to rest and let the coolness of the beads feel around your neck. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Jewelry Workshops and lot more.. Too much excite!

Such exctiting things lined up for this month and the next I want to shout from the rooftop. First there is this super hip and happening flea market happening in Bandra, Mumbai. I would have loved putting up a stall there but struggling artist and all that you know. I would have to shell out more than I can afford for the two day retail. So it was with much deliberation that I finally declined their offer. And while I was in Ooty on vacation they called and asked if I was open for conducting workshops. I jumped at the chance since that was going on at the back of my mind any way. What better venue and crowd could I ask for. 
So that is how I will be spending my Sunday, teaching to make jewelry and block printing. Here is The Lil Flea's facebook invite:

Second super exciting thing is something that has been taking shape for a long time now. It is this-INTACH's Pune chapter had started a heritage shop called Warsaa ten years back. This shop is located in Shaniwar Wada and is celebrating its 10th birthday this month. And as part of their 10 year celebrations, Koyri will be showcasing an excusive pearl collection. Pearls have long been a part of the Marathi culture and I had fun making designs based on this theme. 
If you are in Pune, do visit their 10th anniversary celebrations this weekend. Here is the facebook invite:

The list doesn't end here. There is a lot more action coming up. I will update you all about it as soon as I have the details finalised. Till then, bbye!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Selling handmade jewelry at exhibitions ~ From the stalls

The last two exhibitions I had back to back left me no time to breathe forget blog about my experiences at the stalls. Immediately thereafter we headed for the vacation which was no doubt fun but traveling with a toddler is very tiring too. I imagined I will draw some designs while sipping coffee sitting in my hotel window looking over meadows and mountains in the Nilgiris, but no such thing happened. I did not even find the time to think of Koyri or anything remotely close. All I kept thinking was 'Will the curd go bad since there is no fridge?' 'Hope the manager gets the hot water that he promised...'  and so on... 

Anyway, I start with the first exhibition of the year that was held during the premier English theater fest called Pukaar 2014. I will confess it was not a complete sell out because the footfall was not great. It is really sad to think that theatre and performing arts do not get the appreciation and audience they deserve. But I met and saw some brilliant people out there. Some people are so passionate about things they love. There was one gentleman who started playing the flute impromptu in the common area during the intervals between plays. One girl did a mime for more than an hour, she was so good at it that it made me wonder if she is not tired of continuously having those expressions on her face. Does she feel like wanting to take a break or just yawn or relax her arched eyebrows for one? She not only kept us entertained but my son's eyes were continuously following her too. :)

One guy read out a poem in Hindi that he had written. Another amatuer performer did a one act play that had me in tears. All this was in the break out area of the auditorium, not in a hall in front of specific audience you know. I was very impressed by the passion people carry in their hearts. And there was also some celebrity spotting. I met and spoke to Gauri Dange, she had nice words to say about my work. :)

The second exhibition was super super fun. The constant footfall demanded standing up and attending to continous flow of people tired me to the bone but I felt a pang of sadness at the end of two days. I met some lovely lovely people there too. Oh! the things people do. handmade soaps, handmade candles, hand painted dresses, clay artifacts, it was hard for me to resist the urge to ditch my stall and go shopping at other stalls :)
My wire nametags were a hit with the young crowd and I took on-the-spot custom orders and was able to deliver by the time they did another round of all the stalls and came back. Some people stood and watched me work which was a little weird cos I am used to working in solitude but it also flattered me a bit. :)

The venue added zing to the event. Zaika is a party hall covered in mango and coconut trees. The garden was beautifuly decorated with marigold flowers and potted plants. My son who usually hates crowded places had a ball there. 

And my display ideas got many a mention. Almost everyone commented on this idea of displaying earrings on a soop. :)

And this twig also was an eye catcher and it also holds lot of my stuff. 

So all in all, both were good experiences in their own way and I look forward to doing more of these. And that reminds me I have to make a lot of stuff to fill my table again. :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Looking for space...

I posted on fb yesterday about workshops that I plan to conduct for those interested. I had this thought going in my head for a long time ever since people asked me if I teach to make jewelry. 
At the Summer fest exhibition, many women were quite surprised knowing that I was not a design graduate nor have had formal training in jewelry making. I think that is what makes them feel that even they can do it. Or at least it is worth learning. You know that way there is no pressure of performance or the stress that attending the workshop conducted by 'xyz' big name designer.  Anyway, I made a big mistake of not taking down numbers of all those women then. Instead I passed on my cards to them urging them to check my fb page for updates. As an afterthought, it would have been easier for me to contact them letting them know. Anyway, I hope the timing will be good and those who really wanted to learn will find out.

So it turns out planning for the workshops is more work that I thought it would be. But I am not letting the nitty-gritties bog me down. I am going to make it so very successful and enjoyable for me and for the participants too. :)

The main issue I seem to have is space. So readers, if there is any place near your home/office that you think would accommodate 10-12 people for a jewelry making workshop please contact me. 
I am typically looking at a cafe or a book store or an art studio... I will be glad if you do the ground work for me i.e. speak to the owners of the place and let them know about my intentions. If they reply in the assertive, I will be happy to take it forward from there.

I am mostly looking at Pune but I don't mind Mumbai/Thane either. I'd love to have an excuse to go home. :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This could really be my Oscar speech

Today is one of those rare days when I am feeling very blessed :)  And I am going to thank people for all the effort directly and indirectly they have put into making this madness called Koyri happen.
Before I get all overwhelmed and start writing mushy things about how much I love my family, let me give credits where due.

Thanks Rahul for the superb logo you made for me. all I had to tell you what Koyri meant. People, Rahul is an amazing artist and has many paintings to his credit. Do check out his page here

Thanks Aditi and her team for designing my website. She was the one to tell me that before anything I needed a website when  I had just started out.

My sister Gauri is my biggest critique. She will tell me upfront that I need to have better finishing in some of the pieces. She will email me pictures for inspiration. She will give me plenty of cool ideas. Me being the uncool one will mark all the emails under ‘Koyri’ or note down all her ideas and just sit on them.

Then there is Kanchan, my marketing and strategy person. She comes up with ideas too heavy for me to handle. And she has very high expectations. She wants me to make one piece every day, take a picture and post it on fb. I can hear you all saying ‘Hahaha’

Janaki was the first one to give me the idea hold an exhibition. When I told her that space was an issue, she said I could lay a table outside her bookstore  if I wanted. Who does that? Right? Janaki did. She let me do it without charging a penny. And it was the best exhibition experience ever. Outside a bookstore under the shade of a tree. What more could I ask for?

There are so many people I want to write about here. My friends like Anjali, Trupti who tell me that I am underpricing my stuff and that gives a great boost to my ego. Javed, the one I turn to when I am in my ‘I want to quit my day job and do this full time’ mode. He gives me many brilliant ideas and tells me to think about it seriously. Cousins and aunts who unfailingly introduce me to their acquaintances as ‘the one who makes amazing jewelry’.

My mother who is responsible for all my guilt trip issues. She not only looks after my son when I am at my job during the week but also on weekends when I am doing exhibtions.
My husband who stands at the stall without complaining about his aching back and fondly telling everyone that all the stuff is handmade by his wife.
My dad who calls me from outside a shop selling jewelry and says “Should I go in and ask them if they want to keep your stuff?”  He calls me to wish me luck without fail on all my exhibition days if he is away.

Pallu thanks for coming to the stall that day. Kshitija, thank you for dropping in at all my exhibtions. If I have missed mentioning anyone I am sorry. Thank you everyone for telling people about my work, showing my designs to your friends and sending friends over to my stall. 
A big thank you for all the good karma you all are spreading. I am sure I will send some back. :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Summer fest flea market: All Set for Summer, Pune?

It is Kothrud this time. Set in an aamrai (garden of mango trees), this is going to be the most happening place in town this weekend.

Find out who else is going. Here is the facebook event invite:

And as far as Koyri is concerned, there is an entirely new copper collection to watch out for.   You don't want to miss this one...
:) :)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

2014, here I come

At the start of 2014 I had my targets for Koyri set. I wanted this year to be different. I had marked February for a big exhibition and when I got an invite to be a part of this one, I worked hard to make this happen.
Three days starting tomorrow I will attend to all those who want to see my handmade, handcrafted labour of love. :)

Please spread a word... Come by and say Hi, bring a friend... I promise you you won’t be disappointed. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The easy peasy paper pouch

When  I held my first exhibition I was thinking of ideas on how I can hand over the accessories to my customers. Whether I should go for those snazzy bags or buy plastic see through zip-lock bags… Being a big fan of reuse and recycle, I decided to make pouches from old magazines lying around the house. The size was perfect to hold a pair of earrings or two. If you have bought anything from me before you must have seen this pouch before. So for all those who have been asking me how to make those pouches that I hand over my earrings in- your wait is over. 

Here is a simple step-by-step picture tutorial to make your own simple no-glue no-cut paper pouch. :)

Take a leaf out of an old magazine.

Fold to a third along the width of the page.

Flip the page around. Make a fold along the 1/3rd of the length of the page.

Fold in the other side over the fold in step 3.

Slide one corner of the page into the other. 

Flatten the edges.

You are almost done. Turn the half-done pouch over. 

Slide the open end into the tiny pocket that is formed below.

Keep sliding it in till it reaches the farther end.

Your pouch is ready. It is the other end of which you were working on. This can be really confusing the first time. 

Once you get a hang of it, these no glue no cut pouches are very simple. 

In my house these are used to store coins, spare buttons, seeds apart from Koyri products. You too can securely keep practically anything and everything in these.


 Let me know if you make one and what you are using it for...  

Friday, 24 January 2014

My very enthu mother just made us neat pouches

She recently ripped off these saree falls one day and told me I could use it to dust the house if I wanted. Having seen so many reuse/up-cycle ideas on the internet all the time, I saw potential in those neat rectangular strips of cloth that I did not have the heart to use them as dusters. 

Around the same time I also started using my commute time to work with wire. That's when I realised that my pliers were giving me a tough time with their pointed edges ripping the inside of my bags. And then I got this idea of telling my mom to make me a pouch to keep my jewelry pliers. I gave her a vague idea of what I had in mind which was basically just a potli to dump all pliers so that they don't damage my bag. But my resourceful mother made these cute two-sided lovelies that hold all my pliers and my wire and other stuff that I lug around. 
She still has to finish them with Velcros but I was too eager to start using them. :)

Here are pictures:

Aren't they lovely?

In case the title didnt ring a bell...
You see, I am very ingenious too. :P :P

Friday, 17 January 2014

My first order

Way back in 2010, when I had just begun stringing random beads together, M'kshi, my colleague and huge source of encouragement, placed an order with me!
 (that sounded so grand then!) :)
She handed over her exquisite Kantha saree blouse and mentioned that she wanted something colourful. I reluctantly agreed but told her I might not go overboard with the colours. She said "Alright! Do what you like. You have complete freedom"

And this is what attracted dozens and dozens tons and tons of compliments when she wore it. 

When I look at it now, the knots and the finishing seems very rudimentary but it still amazes me to see what a journey it has been. That set has a special place in my heart.
M, now if you can share a pic of you wearing it with the saree??

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My first wire name tags project

When I put up this wire letter 'love' one morning on my facebook page, my friend Janaki instantly pinged me and asked me to make 'twistntales'. If you were in Pune until last year and you are the kinds who usually keeps an eye out for good things around the city, you would know twistntales- the beautiful bookshop in a bylane of Aundh fondly known as tnt. Sadly, it shut last year but its patrons continue to carry a lot of love for tnt in their hearts.
So I staretd working on Janaki's project and after many variations, finalised on wire name tags of 'I<3tnt' that can be used as keychains or bagtags.

While I was doing that, Janaki asked me to make 'Sirius' and 'Padfoot'. These were goint to be xmas gifts for her daughter. I obliged. Then she asked if I could do some more.... I had an exhibition coming up and all the boring part was pending. Finalising the inventory, pricing, the tags, the display and many other things. I also had to stay long hours in office those days. I had told Janaki I will try but I could not guarantee but to be honest I didnt want to let go of the opportunity. I loved every name in the list she had given that I could not resist staying up late in the night to work on them. On other days if someone would have told me to stay up, I would have given them a big lecture on how sleep deprived I am and how I will just collapse one day from lack of sleep. But this was fun. It was fun working on the curves and curls of the cursive letter and then hammering them softly to harden the wire. I had a lot of fun imagining what each person would be like from the name. :) I am glad I didnt refuse.








My mom tied a small red ribbon to each name to give the christmas effect. :) Pictures may seem bad quality because they are. But the wire name tags, I assure you, look great in real. :)

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