Friday, 24 January 2014

My very enthu mother just made us neat pouches

She recently ripped off these saree falls one day and told me I could use it to dust the house if I wanted. Having seen so many reuse/up-cycle ideas on the internet all the time, I saw potential in those neat rectangular strips of cloth that I did not have the heart to use them as dusters. 

Around the same time I also started using my commute time to work with wire. That's when I realised that my pliers were giving me a tough time with their pointed edges ripping the inside of my bags. And then I got this idea of telling my mom to make me a pouch to keep my jewelry pliers. I gave her a vague idea of what I had in mind which was basically just a potli to dump all pliers so that they don't damage my bag. But my resourceful mother made these cute two-sided lovelies that hold all my pliers and my wire and other stuff that I lug around. 
She still has to finish them with Velcros but I was too eager to start using them. :)

Here are pictures:

Aren't they lovely?

In case the title didnt ring a bell...
You see, I am very ingenious too. :P :P

Friday, 17 January 2014

My first order

Way back in 2010, when I had just begun stringing random beads together, M'kshi, my colleague and huge source of encouragement, placed an order with me!
 (that sounded so grand then!) :)
She handed over her exquisite Kantha saree blouse and mentioned that she wanted something colourful. I reluctantly agreed but told her I might not go overboard with the colours. She said "Alright! Do what you like. You have complete freedom"

And this is what attracted dozens and dozens tons and tons of compliments when she wore it. 

When I look at it now, the knots and the finishing seems very rudimentary but it still amazes me to see what a journey it has been. That set has a special place in my heart.
M, now if you can share a pic of you wearing it with the saree??

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My first wire name tags project

When I put up this wire letter 'love' one morning on my facebook page, my friend Janaki instantly pinged me and asked me to make 'twistntales'. If you were in Pune until last year and you are the kinds who usually keeps an eye out for good things around the city, you would know twistntales- the beautiful bookshop in a bylane of Aundh fondly known as tnt. Sadly, it shut last year but its patrons continue to carry a lot of love for tnt in their hearts.
So I staretd working on Janaki's project and after many variations, finalised on wire name tags of 'I<3tnt' that can be used as keychains or bagtags.

While I was doing that, Janaki asked me to make 'Sirius' and 'Padfoot'. These were goint to be xmas gifts for her daughter. I obliged. Then she asked if I could do some more.... I had an exhibition coming up and all the boring part was pending. Finalising the inventory, pricing, the tags, the display and many other things. I also had to stay long hours in office those days. I had told Janaki I will try but I could not guarantee but to be honest I didnt want to let go of the opportunity. I loved every name in the list she had given that I could not resist staying up late in the night to work on them. On other days if someone would have told me to stay up, I would have given them a big lecture on how sleep deprived I am and how I will just collapse one day from lack of sleep. But this was fun. It was fun working on the curves and curls of the cursive letter and then hammering them softly to harden the wire. I had a lot of fun imagining what each person would be like from the name. :) I am glad I didnt refuse.








My mom tied a small red ribbon to each name to give the christmas effect. :) Pictures may seem bad quality because they are. But the wire name tags, I assure you, look great in real. :)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Where I show off of my time management skills

Last year in November I decided to use my time better. I was almost out of stock and had committed to an exhibition in mid-December. Being a mother, a working one at that and someone who doesn't let her passion for handmade jewelry die, I had to find a solution to be able to make more things. 

I decided to use my two hours commute time to make things. At first I wondered what the people in my bus would think I am up to, what I was going to do if my beads start falling down from my lap onto the bus floor etc. But I decided to shed my inhibitions and just started off twisting wire, stringing beads, drawing designs in the bus. Apart from a few curious looks at my pliers and cutters, people have been largely ignorant. I realized no one cares what I did in the bus so long as I let them catch up on their sleep. :)

Anyway, I would make as many connectors such as these in the bus.
One at a time. One at a time.... 

That drastically decreased my time at the bead table after the son slept off and I could sleep in early too. All I had to do is string them along, put the center bead and hey I had a neck-piece done in one day. It was a win-win situation.

Complete set of purple beads twisted with brass wire
Just like I used to pack my school bag the earlier night for the day ahead, I now pack beads and wires for my commute before going to bed. Every morning I can’t wait to get on the bus, take out my tools and get started.

I hope to continue using my time wisely the coming year and always.  :) 

The image above is taken from:

What is your new year resolution for 2014 that you hope to continue forever?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Naya saal mubarak ho

With new year comes new hopes, new dreams and new festivals. I have a lot planned head for 2014 and I can wait for it to happen. However, I will keep you updated regularly. (That is one of my new year resolutions- to blog here more often)

Anyway talking about festivals, Sankrant is almost here. Everyone is talking about Haldi Kumkum and Bornahans. For those who have no clue about what I am saying, Haldi Kumkum is a fun get together organized by married ladies mostly belonging to western Indian states. The ladies come together and apply turmeric (haldi) and vermillion(kumkum) to each other’s forehead and the host gives gifts along with other necessary items such as betel leaves and nuts. Every marathi household eats tilgul ladoos or gulpolis around the time.
I will talk about Bornahan some other time. Probably after I conduct one for my little one.

How all of this is related to Koyri? I am getting custom orders for earrings from friends who are going to conduct Haldi Kumkum ceremony in their house. I just put up a post on the Koyri facebook page letting others know about it too.

If you are interested, drop me an email on

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