Friday, 24 January 2014

My very enthu mother just made us neat pouches

She recently ripped off these saree falls one day and told me I could use it to dust the house if I wanted. Having seen so many reuse/up-cycle ideas on the internet all the time, I saw potential in those neat rectangular strips of cloth that I did not have the heart to use them as dusters. 

Around the same time I also started using my commute time to work with wire. That's when I realised that my pliers were giving me a tough time with their pointed edges ripping the inside of my bags. And then I got this idea of telling my mom to make me a pouch to keep my jewelry pliers. I gave her a vague idea of what I had in mind which was basically just a potli to dump all pliers so that they don't damage my bag. But my resourceful mother made these cute two-sided lovelies that hold all my pliers and my wire and other stuff that I lug around. 
She still has to finish them with Velcros but I was too eager to start using them. :)

Here are pictures:

Aren't they lovely?

In case the title didnt ring a bell...
You see, I am very ingenious too. :P :P

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