Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Where I show off of my time management skills

Last year in November I decided to use my time better. I was almost out of stock and had committed to an exhibition in mid-December. Being a mother, a working one at that and someone who doesn't let her passion for handmade jewelry die, I had to find a solution to be able to make more things. 

I decided to use my two hours commute time to make things. At first I wondered what the people in my bus would think I am up to, what I was going to do if my beads start falling down from my lap onto the bus floor etc. But I decided to shed my inhibitions and just started off twisting wire, stringing beads, drawing designs in the bus. Apart from a few curious looks at my pliers and cutters, people have been largely ignorant. I realized no one cares what I did in the bus so long as I let them catch up on their sleep. :)

Anyway, I would make as many connectors such as these in the bus.
One at a time. One at a time.... 

That drastically decreased my time at the bead table after the son slept off and I could sleep in early too. All I had to do is string them along, put the center bead and hey I had a neck-piece done in one day. It was a win-win situation.

Complete set of purple beads twisted with brass wire
Just like I used to pack my school bag the earlier night for the day ahead, I now pack beads and wires for my commute before going to bed. Every morning I can’t wait to get on the bus, take out my tools and get started.

I hope to continue using my time wisely the coming year and always.  :) 

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What is your new year resolution for 2014 that you hope to continue forever?


Pallavi Sharma said...

Supercool! Mine is to adhere to my morning walks, of course. That's the only time I can do many things I like... be outside, observe things, be with my thoughts, listen to music, catch the morning sun and some breeze... all with a simple walk.

Gunjan said...

Sigh! That inspires me to go for a swim. Seems like it has been ages since I dived into a pool. :(

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