Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Looking for space...

I posted on fb yesterday about workshops that I plan to conduct for those interested. I had this thought going in my head for a long time ever since people asked me if I teach to make jewelry. 
At the Summer fest exhibition, many women were quite surprised knowing that I was not a design graduate nor have had formal training in jewelry making. I think that is what makes them feel that even they can do it. Or at least it is worth learning. You know that way there is no pressure of performance or the stress that attending the workshop conducted by 'xyz' big name designer.  Anyway, I made a big mistake of not taking down numbers of all those women then. Instead I passed on my cards to them urging them to check my fb page for updates. As an afterthought, it would have been easier for me to contact them letting them know. Anyway, I hope the timing will be good and those who really wanted to learn will find out.

So it turns out planning for the workshops is more work that I thought it would be. But I am not letting the nitty-gritties bog me down. I am going to make it so very successful and enjoyable for me and for the participants too. :)

The main issue I seem to have is space. So readers, if there is any place near your home/office that you think would accommodate 10-12 people for a jewelry making workshop please contact me. 
I am typically looking at a cafe or a book store or an art studio... I will be glad if you do the ground work for me i.e. speak to the owners of the place and let them know about my intentions. If they reply in the assertive, I will be happy to take it forward from there.

I am mostly looking at Pune but I don't mind Mumbai/Thane either. I'd love to have an excuse to go home. :)

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