Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This could really be my Oscar speech

Today is one of those rare days when I am feeling very blessed :)  And I am going to thank people for all the effort directly and indirectly they have put into making this madness called Koyri happen.
Before I get all overwhelmed and start writing mushy things about how much I love my family, let me give credits where due.

Thanks Rahul for the superb logo you made for me. all I had to tell you what Koyri meant. People, Rahul is an amazing artist and has many paintings to his credit. Do check out his page here

Thanks Aditi and her team for designing my website. She was the one to tell me that before anything I needed a website when  I had just started out.

My sister Gauri is my biggest critique. She will tell me upfront that I need to have better finishing in some of the pieces. She will email me pictures for inspiration. She will give me plenty of cool ideas. Me being the uncool one will mark all the emails under ‘Koyri’ or note down all her ideas and just sit on them.

Then there is Kanchan, my marketing and strategy person. She comes up with ideas too heavy for me to handle. And she has very high expectations. She wants me to make one piece every day, take a picture and post it on fb. I can hear you all saying ‘Hahaha’

Janaki was the first one to give me the idea hold an exhibition. When I told her that space was an issue, she said I could lay a table outside her bookstore  if I wanted. Who does that? Right? Janaki did. She let me do it without charging a penny. And it was the best exhibition experience ever. Outside a bookstore under the shade of a tree. What more could I ask for?

There are so many people I want to write about here. My friends like Anjali, Trupti who tell me that I am underpricing my stuff and that gives a great boost to my ego. Javed, the one I turn to when I am in my ‘I want to quit my day job and do this full time’ mode. He gives me many brilliant ideas and tells me to think about it seriously. Cousins and aunts who unfailingly introduce me to their acquaintances as ‘the one who makes amazing jewelry’.

My mother who is responsible for all my guilt trip issues. She not only looks after my son when I am at my job during the week but also on weekends when I am doing exhibtions.
My husband who stands at the stall without complaining about his aching back and fondly telling everyone that all the stuff is handmade by his wife.
My dad who calls me from outside a shop selling jewelry and says “Should I go in and ask them if they want to keep your stuff?”  He calls me to wish me luck without fail on all my exhibition days if he is away.

Pallu thanks for coming to the stall that day. Kshitija, thank you for dropping in at all my exhibtions. If I have missed mentioning anyone I am sorry. Thank you everyone for telling people about my work, showing my designs to your friends and sending friends over to my stall. 
A big thank you for all the good karma you all are spreading. I am sure I will send some back. :)


Pallavi Sharma said...

Such a sweet post, this! Yes, your mom and R are a huge support. I've never once seen R standing around looking bored... he's always there with a smile and ready to introduce everyone to his wife's creations :) U will be right by him doing the same soon enough!
And this time, I was determined to come even if it was for a fleeting moment... I wanted to come to the previous one but couldn't. I know can come by your place any time, but visiting your exhibitions are a different level of showing support and encouragement.
And, if there was anyone who could create one everyday and blog about it or post a pic on FB, that would be you! (Now my acceptance speech is over. ;) :P )
(Psst, prompt: Unmana... our online marketing guru!)

Kanchan said...

Awww.. cute post !
You are an inspiration and I frankly feel you should succeed in this, just making us more proud. There will be a time when I can say yeah when she started I used to tell this n that and now she has a PR ;)

Unknown said...

:-). This is just a beginning...way to go Koyri !! . You have amazing creativity and no doubt this will turn into a big brand!!

Gunjan said...

Awww hugs Pallu. :) Oh yes Unmama of course, how can I forget, she reviewed my website for free when she started Markitty. :)

@Kanchan: Oh if I have PR it will be none other than you. :D

Gunjan said...

@Unknown: Thank you. Who are you btw? Do I know you? :)

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