Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Banners and signage for handmade jewelry exhibitions

Every time there is an exhibition or a craft show coming up, my mind races with thoughts on how I can put up a good display with the resources that I have handy. I have a particular disdain for the typical metal stands and plastic boxes that seem the be the norm these days. I my opinion they looks very impersonal. And being a starving artist and all that I cannot even afford to spend crazy amount of money on the fancy parrot cages and mannequins. And my constant quest to achieve a --- between innovative and inexpensive ideas does not stop at jewelry display ideas. It extends to displaying the name of my brand. I hate flex boards, so that is out. And most banners and streamers I have made from chart papers using crayons and sketch pens usually seem to fade away in the bling and bright lights around at a craft show.

These are the things I have made and used in the past…. 

This time I went and got these rolled up black boards…. they served as perfect banners for my stall,.. Not only that- I could rewrite something new or draw newer designs everyday!! 
Trust me, I am hooked on to these and not letting them go for a long time.. :)

So who all agree that handmade=awesome \m/ ??

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Buying online made simple = Good News!

If you have shopped with me before you know how cumbersome it is to make that third party transfer to my bank account. Or how boring it is to get to the bank and deposit the cheque. Shopping was supposed to be exciting not boring. So here is some good news for you all. You can now shop at the click of the mouse.

All the available stuff will be posted in the album “Handmade Accessories for Sale” and all you have to do is click on the link alongside each picture. That’s it!! 

For those of you who prefer to stay away from facebook, no worries. You can still browse through the album since it is public and open for all to see. Or visit my site to see pictures of all items on sale. 
Just remember the code and click on the link alongside. Viola! That piece of accessory you have been eyeing for long is now yours in no time. 


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