Thursday, 8 May 2014

Banners and signage for handmade jewelry exhibitions

Every time there is an exhibition or a craft show coming up, my mind races with thoughts on how I can put up a good display with the resources that I have handy. I have a particular disdain for the typical metal stands and plastic boxes that seem the be the norm these days. I my opinion they looks very impersonal. And being a starving artist and all that I cannot even afford to spend crazy amount of money on the fancy parrot cages and mannequins. And my constant quest to achieve a --- between innovative and inexpensive ideas does not stop at jewelry display ideas. It extends to displaying the name of my brand. I hate flex boards, so that is out. And most banners and streamers I have made from chart papers using crayons and sketch pens usually seem to fade away in the bling and bright lights around at a craft show.

These are the things I have made and used in the past…. 

This time I went and got these rolled up black boards…. they served as perfect banners for my stall,.. Not only that- I could rewrite something new or draw newer designs everyday!! 
Trust me, I am hooked on to these and not letting them go for a long time.. :)

So who all agree that handmade=awesome \m/ ??


Kanchan said...

Loved the Bazaar one ! nice !
where was that ?

Gunjan said...

That one was at the Art Shop... :)

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