Friday, 13 February 2015

Bespoke tales- wire tags for Shyla

One day when I posted a picture of the word 'love' made from copper wire, Shyla my schoolmate instantly pinged me and asked if I could make more of those for her. I happily obliged. But she wanted 'hope' and 'faith' to go with it too.
And in sets of five!
I was completely taken aback by such a big order. And I had my hands full with an upcoming exhibition too. But Shyla was willing to wait. It took me one whole month to get back to her but I finally did. Here is a work in progress picture of the wire tags.

Sadly I dont have a picture of the finished product with neatly coiled ends. :( Next time I will try and rush a little less and take better pictures before packing my pieces.

Here is a snapshot of her lovely comment on my facebook post.

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