About me

I am Gunjan, a self-taught artist who works with beads, wire, strings, stones to create unique earrings and accessories. Koyri, which means paisley in my mother tongue Marathi, happens to be my favourite motif.
As much as I like to experiment, I also love to combine design, colour, utility and create appealing patterns. I am learning with every step and would like to have my story in print so that when I grow old, I can reminisce about the crazy things I did when I was young.
With this blog, I intend to write everything that happens behind the scenes at Koyri. So stay tuned! :)

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My first interview... tells a lot about Koyri - how it started, how it functions etc. Read here.

Sheroes, the women's only career destination in India featured me in their 'Meet the Sheroes' column. Read the entire article here.

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